A great opportunity to give a meaningful gift or end-of-year donation!

This program is especially important NOW, as it directly helps families unable to buy food because of  unavailability, unaffordability, and protests that frequently shut down business and keep people from earning their regular income.

Program Highlights:

  • Youth between the ages of 12-15 are given two female goats.
  • They are trained to care for and breed the goat.
  • They not only learn the responsibility of animal husbandry, but also basic barter economics. This brings income, milk, and meat to their families.
  • All youth “gift” their first offspring back to the program. Their first baby goat is returned and granted to a new student, thus benefiting more community children and their families. This is a highly sustainable program!

An added bonus of this program is that it encourages youth to stay near their family homes rather than moving to the “big city” for employment. Migration to urban areas has many unintended consequences for the individuals, their families, and society.

Contributions of any amount will be gratefully accepted. Use this Donate button to specify the amount of your gift.

Female goats cost $50.

Male (Boer) goats cost $200. This breed is much larger than traditional Haitian goats & produces larger, heavier offspring.

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